Congratulations Trap Door Theatre for making it to the cover of Domnica Radulescu’s book “Theater of War and Exile”. (Photo by Michal Janicki)


Awards Received by the Trap Door Company

Joseph Jefferson Award Citations:

  • Best Original Music (Danny Rockett, How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients)
  • Best Actor in a Principal Role (Kevin Cox, La Bête)
  • Best Costume Design (Rachel Sypniewski, La Bête)
  • Best Original Incidental Music (Ovidiu Iloc, The Word Progress on my Mother’s Lips Doesn’t Ring True)
  • Best Actress in a Principal Role (Nicole Wiesner, First Ladies)
  • Best New Work (Ken Prestininzi, Beholder)
  • Best Ensemble (Nana)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Sharon Gopfert, Lebensraum)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Eric Johnson, Lebensraum)
  • Best Ensemble (Lebensraum)
  • Best Ensemble (Porcelain)

After Dark Awards:

  • Best Original Incidental Score (Beholder)
  • Best Ensemble (Emma)
  • Best Ensemble (The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant)
  • Best Costumes (Beata Pilch, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant)
  • Best Production (The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant)
  • Best Lighting (Richard Norwood, Old Clown Wanted)
  • Best Director (Michael Pieper, Lebensraum)
  • Best Production (Lebensraum)
  • Best Actress (Marzena Bukowska, My Liver is Senseless)
  • Best Production (My Liver is Senseless)
  • Best Sound Design (Bob Rokos, Sugar Down, Billie Hoak)
  • Best Production (Porcelain)

Orgie Awards:

  • Best Director (Tracy Letts, People Annihilation or My Liver is Senseless)
  • Best Actress (K.K. Dodds, AmeriKafka)

The Cultural Programs of the French Embassy Award:

  • First Place: Deathwatch
  • First Place: The Automobile Graveyard
  • First Place: The Architect and Emperor of Assyria

Other Acknowledgments:

  • Runner up for Best Off-Loop Theatre in Best of Reader (2017)
  • Zoltan Balasz Best Director for How to Explain History of Communism…, International Festival in Baia Mare, Romania (2017)
  • Worth Magazine: Editor’s Picks: Emily DeNitto (2015)
  • Time Out Chicago: Best Storefront Theatres in the city (2014)
  • Chicago Reader: Best String of Theatrical Stunners (2011-12 Season)
  • Chicago Tribune: Best Fringe Theatre of 2010 (Chaste)
  • Chicago Sun Times: Best Theatre of 2010 (Chaste)
  • Huffington Post: Best of Chicago Theatre 2010 (Chaste)
  • Chicago Tribune: Top Five Shows of 2008 (Beholder)
  • Chicago Tribune: Top Five Shows of 2006 (The Fourth Sister)
  • Chicago Tribune: Top Ten Chicago Theater Performances of 2005 (K.K. Dodds in AmeriKafka)
  • Windy City Times: Best Scenic Design (No Darkness Round My Stone)
  • Windy City Times: Best Ensemble Award, 2004 (Katzelmacher)
  • Gay Chicago Magazine: “Best of Stage” for 2007 (Emma)
  • New City Magazine: Top Five Shows of 2008 (No Darkness Round My Stone)
  • New City Magazine: Top Five Guilty Pleasures for 2007 (Eva Peron)
  • Performink: End of Year Review for 2008: “Best Production” (No Darkness Round My Stone)
  • Performink: 2002, “Best Theatre Making the Best of It.”
  • Chicagocritic.com: Best Production of the Year (People Annihilation or My Liver is Senseless)
  • Performink: End of the Year Round-up “Best Production” (Request Program) and “Best Performance” (Carolyn Shoemaker, Request Program)
  • Steadstyle: Best Production of the Year Award for (Morocco and Quills)

Chicago Reader names Trap Door Theatre as runner up for Best Off Loop Theatre Company! Best of Chicago 2018

Time Out Chicago recognizes Trap Door as one of the best storefront theatres in the city!

Trap Door welcomes
New Resident Director: Monica Payne
and New Resident Sound Designer: Danny Rockett

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