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Casey Chapman is thrilled to be a company member with Trap Door Theatre where he has appeared in No Darkness Round My Stone12 OpheliasAnger/FlyLa Bete, and  The Duchess of Malfi.



Chapman has collaborated with many of his fellow Trap Door members in other works including working under Max Truax’s direction at Oracle theatre in Termen Vox Machina, working with company member David Holcombe and his film company Soft Cage films on Yellow/City of Lust as well as an upcoming film collaboration in 2015/2016, and numerous film collaborations with company member and graphic artist Michal Janicki such as Trupiak and Esperanto.



He has also worked with various other theatre’s in Chicago including Profiles, The Goodman Theatre, Oracle Theatre, Pride Films and Plays, Red Theatre Chicago, and more.


In 2014 Chapman toured the US and abroad on the film festival circuit for Mother’s Milk, a film shot in Chicago by independent film company Esemplastic LLC. For his work in the film he won the best Actor Award at the International Film Awards Berlin (IFAB) festival, as well as the Best Actor award at the New York City Independent Film Festival.


The film marked the first of three collaborations with writer/director Edward Pionke. The second, Residuum, currently is traveling the US on the film festival circuit. The third, Asymptotes, is in post production with a 2016 release date. Chapman can also be seen in Hell Town the horror-comedy directed by award winning director Steve Balderson releasing in 2016.



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His betrayed lieutenant, Roma is played with fearsome gusto by Casey Chapman.

-Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

Actor Casey Chapman gives a standout turn as Ui’s chief flunkie Roma. Chapman’s performance finds the beating heart at the center of his character.

-Alex Huntsberger, TIME OUT Chicago


Casey Chapman plays a gangland version of Ernst Röhm with sinister comedic pizazz.

-Jacob Davis, Around the Town Chicago


The Stand-out performance is Casey Chapman’s Ferdinand, clad in all white with bleached, slicked-back hair (think Thin White Duke-era Bowie), makes a stunning first impression as the evil aristocrat. Ferdinand’s simmering anger and explosive rage are two of the primary fuel sources powering Duchess. It’s to Chapman’s credit that this doesn’t get monotonous and the dark, mysterious mood he’s able to project seems essential tonally for what director Christopher Marino is aiming for with this production.

-Tom Lawler, The Fourth Walsh




As the hedonistic, fetishistic, incestuous, lycanthropic Ferdinand, Casey Chapman has the beauty and charisma of which mass murders are made.”

- Aaron Hunt, NewCity Stage


The show leads to some striking moments—especially when we’re watching Casey Chapman’s tyrant descend from powder-faced aesthete to incestuous, necrophilic wolfman (really!).”

– Tony Adler, Chicago Reader 


 Casey Chapman’s Ferdinand is a classic hysteric in love with his twin sister.”

- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune


Casey Chapman delivering a smart and comically subtle turn as Elomire’s long suffering humpbacked sidekick.

-Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune


It’s easy to believe that these actors are the royal favorites, from the first lines of the show Jse Dornan and Casey Chapman show an elite mastery of verse.

- Christopher Kidder-Morstrom, New City


Featuring the impeccable comic timing of Jesse Dornan as Elomire and Casey Chapman as Bejart.

- Jena Cutie, Chicago Reader


Casey Chapman ends up carrying the show as part of an electric R&B duo, voices of reason enmeshed in their own unspoken romantic tragedy.

-Monica Westin, New City

caseyplain (1)

Jen Ellison, as R, and Casey Chapman, as G, standout as a mesmerizing makeshift chorus, observing and then interacting with Ophelia’s affecting journey. Their fascinating performances display rare and remarkable instinct and intelligence. They are the somber spectators of this tragedy as well as its hysterical comic camp relief.

-Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review


It’s a gas watching the cast, along with the grand comedy of Casey Chapman’s nose-picker of a little boy.”

- Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune


Casey Chapman is particularly astonishing as the child.

-Tony Adler, Chicago Reader


Casey Chapman blazes with articulated despondency as Karl Heinz-Lutz.”

- Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review

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