David Steiger

David is  a proud company member at Trap Door Theatre, where he have happily appeared in The Arsonists, The Balcony, Hamletmachine, Anger/FlyNo Darkness Round my Stone, A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians and it’s remount in Arad, Romania and Krakow, Poland. As a principle actor, he also enjoyed playing Pasha Selim in the Lyric Opera’s production of Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio. Some other credits include Megacosm at A Red Orchid Theatre, a tavern opera called 3 Graces and The Castle and Termen Vox Machina at Oracle Theatre, were he also worked as translator for Woyzek. David began working in theatre in the Lake County area in productions of Tartuffe, The Crucible, The Boys Next Door and Waiting for Godot. His film and television credits include Out of Breath, NBC’s Chicago Fire, Body(s) and the award-winning short films Other and Reversal. He spent much of his early life in Germany and Austria, this combined with an enthusiastic interest in history and myth, and reading a nice article about the play People Annihilation: or My Liver is Senseless in a newspaper helped him find the Trap Door. He studied theatre and performance at the College of Lake County, the Piven Theatre Workshop, and he learned the art of clown from Parisian Clown Master Victor Quezada-Perez. The later skill was used in performance forThe Arsonists.  He is also a member of the marvelous Trap Door house band The Garvey Train. Trap Door.

David Steiger is a one-man show, the eventual decline of his physical and mental state performed in award-winning fashion

Jed Bundy

The appearance of, y’know, real dramatic portrayal of character is rare enough in horror films, but it is double-plus wonderful to find in a single actor screenplay. Steiger as Patrick is by turns desperate, exhultant, smug, tortured and deranged, and all he has to react against is some cleverly blinking bits of set dressing and a glob of nauseously pulsing tumor.

The Daily Nightmare

Each uses his/her entire body to its fullest, yet always within the bounds of the style set by the others. This delightfully ghoulish ensemble is spearheaded by David Steiger (who somehow manages to rocket from creepy to gleeful to humble in about a second and a half).

John Dalton, Centerstage

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