Gary Damico

resident stage manager

Gary was born in Columbus, Ohio and graduated with a degree in Physics from the Ohio State University in 2001. He has since found a home in the Chicago Theatre community, becoming a Trap Door member in 2003. Recent productions include the pianist in The Arsonists, and stage manager for Core of the PUDEL and The Unveiling/Dozens of Cousins.   He has been fortunate enough to have participated in several of Trap Door’s European tours, including The Arsonists, Me Too, I Am Catherine DeneuveHorses at the Window and Old Clown Wanted. He has also worked as a stage manager for the Chicago Fringe Festival (2010-2012), with Tantalus Theatre Group, Greasy Joan, as well as visual artist Catherine Sullivan, as stage manager for her Lyon and Dijon Manifestations for the 2003 Lyon Biennale, and as performer in her Ice Floes of Franz Joseph Land Orensanz Manifestation in New York (2004) and film project the Chittendens (2006).

In his spare time, Gary enjoys music and plays keyboard in The Garvey Train, an experimental band comprising Trap Door family members.

Other Trap Door credits include Nana,KatzelmacherThe Garden of DelightsPeople Annihilation or My Liver is SenselessCrazy Locomotive (for New York Fringe 2005), The Fourth SisterRequest ProgrammeAlice in BedThe SwanEva Peron (stage manager), and Emma(pianist). Gary was also stage manager for Trap Door’s Romanian tour in 2007, with Old Clown WantedCrazy Locomotive, and Letters to the President.

Congratulations Jeff Awards Nominees: Marzena Bukowska,
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Congratulations to our amazing Danny Rockett for recent Joseph Jefferson Award - Original Music in a Play for "How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients"
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