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2020 Season:

Love and Information

Written by: Caryl Churchill

Directed by: Kim McKean

Returning Company member, Guest Director from University of Texas at El Paso

September 12, through October 19, 2019

Through a kaleidoscopic lens of over 100 characters in fifty-seven different scenes, Churchillís exhilarating play Love and Information explores how our incessant consumption of information and virtual connectivity penetrates and frames our sense of ourselves and our relationships with others.


The White Plague

Written by: Karel ?apek

Translated by: Peter Majer and Cathy Porter

Directed by:†Nicole Wiesner


December 5, 2019 through January 11, 2020

On the brink of a world war, a mysterious plague starts killing everyone older than 45. A young doctor finds a cure, but what is the cost he is willing to ask the afflicted to pay?


Lipstick Lobotomy†

Written by: Krista Knight

Directed by: Kate Hendrickson

February 13 through March 21, 2020

†At the Institute for Living, a high end sanatorium for the disturbed daughters of Americaís elite, a revolutionary new procedure promises to cure patients of psychiatric and neurological problems; freeing them of the intense negativity and anxiety that plagued them prior.†


The Water Hen

Written by: Stanislaw Witkiewicz

Translated by: Daniel Gerould

Directed by:† ZoltŠn BalŠzs

Guest director from Hungary
With Support from The Trust of Mutual Understanding

Trust for Mutual Understanding

May 7 through June 13, 2020

The Water Hen††is a mystery play about what it means to be human and what human creation is about.† Too much creativity gives way to hilarious parodies of creativity.† At the end of the play, an uprising occurs.† Is this the humanity’s new dawn?


No other theater can consistently suspend reality to create overwhelming and oftentimes-otherworldly atmosphere, usually before the action or dialogue even begins, like Trap Door Theatre. To say that they are the foremost purveyors avant-garde theater in Chicago is to understate this portal to alternate realms. Hidden down a narrow walkway, next to a bar, behind a restaurant, on a side street in Bucktown is a black trap door that opens into the extremes of theatrical imagination. You could drive by it and easily miss this purgatorial paradise of the sublime surreal. Venus Zarris, Gay Chicago Magazine


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