Welcome to Paradise!

Trap Door Productions ventured out to expand its programming and create its first documentary film based on a man we met living on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. This path is a holy pilgrimage based on the way of St. James who was responsible for bringing Christianity to the western world. Today, the way attracts millions of pilgrims from all over the world and from every religion and non-religion in search of something deeper within themselves.

House of Gods follows one man on his spiritual journey as he struggles to understand himself and his connection to the universe in order to find a deeper meaning for his existence.This very special man is David Vidal and he has inspired us to share his simple message with the rest of the world. Share. Share everything with others.

 And through your support we can now make this dream come true!

Most recently, the Trap Door filmmaking team set out on an artistic retreat to begin work on the project. After days of endless footage and discussions, the Trap Door team has set up the game plan for their next move, Filmmaker David A Holcombe has successfully logged all the footage and has begun storyboarding and editing. Check out this short video clip to taste a bit of paradise and remind ourselves that there’s more to life than the daily grind and we can stop for a moment to take in the sunshine in our lives….

Click here to experience a moment at the House of Gods!

Currently, Trap Door Productions is still in need of volunteer translators for the languages of Czech and Dutch. If anyone has a friend who would be willing to help us on this project, please contact Beata Pilch at trapdoortheatre@sbcglobal.net. All volunteers will receive film credit.

We hope to send you further updates, photos and trailers and keep you posted with the progress of our film. We are thrilled to take on this artistic challenge and look forward to reaching our goal!

If you would like to have more information on the history of the Camino de Santiago please check out:


Trap Door’s artistic director Beata Pilch has become a huge fan and highly recommends this adventure for anyone in need of experiencing something magical in their lives to help them find their way….

Buon Camino! Buena vida!