By: Matei Visniec
Directed by: Gregory A. Fortner
Opened: November 2005
With Performances in Chicago, New York, and Romania

“Trap Door Theatre is the perfect company to engage in such an otherworldly examination of emotional contrasts. Director Gregory A. Fortner compiles a wonderful design team and a startling cast. His intelligent direction is captivating, and the other performances are intense, complex, and as whimsical as they are dead serious.”
– Venus Zarris, Gay Chicago Magazine

“There’s nowhere to hide in Trap Door’s black box, and the universally sharp cast doesn’t waste a breath or a twitch.” -John Beer, Time Out Chicago

CAST: Circus-Szalewski, John Gray, and Bob Wilson

SET DESIGN: Ewelina Dobiesz
LIGHTING DESIGN: Richard Norwood
STAGE MANAGER: Kate Piatt-Eckert

Old Clown Wanted…
…Three aging clowns compete for a job in this absurdly comic look at man’s fear of uselessness in society….Dying is easy, comedy is hard. Inspired by his work, Pilch selected his play, Old Clown Wanted as part of Trap Door’s 2006 season. After a Chicago run, this production traveled to New York to participate in ACT FRENCH, a celebration of French culture, Visniec was in the audience. On Matei Visniec’s recommendation, Trap Door was invited to perform Old Clown Wanted, all expenses paid, at the Fun-Underground Festival in Arad, the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, Targu Mures, and The National Theatre in Bucharest.