The Crazy Locomotive

Written by: Stanislaw I. Witkiewicz

Directed by: Beata Pilch

August 2005

Beata and John Edited

The New York International Fringe Festival-FringeNYC
A Production of The Present Company

The Theater at the Center for Architecture
536 LaGuardia Place, NYC 10012

NY Cast: John Gray, John Kahara, Beata Pilch, Carolyn Shoemaker, Nicole Wiesner and Carl Wisniewski

It’s a buffoonish, perverse, assaultive, and exhilarating ride, just the kind Witkiewicz must have envisioned.” -Chicago Reader

Witkiewicz nicely unplugged…few American theaters are willing to risk doing his work…it seems like Trap Door only has the guts.

-The Chicago Tribune

Cast: John Gray, John Kahara, Beata Pilch, Carolyn Shoemaker, Nicole Wiesner and Carl Wisniewski.

Carl EditedThe Crazy Locomotive is a multi-media super parody of the worship of the machine and of the new arts of technology: futurism and cinema.

A band of degenerate criminals and artists commandeer an engine and seek to bring about God’s judgment by racing at apocalyptic speeds into an oncoming passenger train.

This is your brain on Witkiewicz.

Stanislaw I. Witkiewicz (Playwright) Stanislaw I. Witkiewicz is one the most brilliant figures of the European avant-garde, Witkiewicz was a poet, painter, playwright, an expert on drugs, an early spokesman for a radically non-realistic theatre and an original philosopher and social critic of mass culture, post-industrial society, and the rise of totalitarianism. He was also a pioneer in serious experimentation with narcotics and prophetically recognized the growing importance that they would have on Western civilization. Politics, revolution, and even art were similar drugs. Witkiewicz committed suicide shortly after the outbreak of War in September of 1939. He is best known for his plays, The Madman and the Nun, The Mother, The Water Hen, The Anonymous Work, and The Shoemaker.

Beata Face EditedBeata Pilch (Director) was born in the Polish district of Chicago, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting from the United States International University in San Diego, California, and a Master’s Degree in Acting from the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. Pilch founded Chicago’s Trap Door Theatre in 1990 and still presides as its Artistic Director. She cultivated her life-long fascination with the avant-garde and obscure as a graduate student at the California Institute of the Arts. A Chicago native and frequent European traveler, she felt that a company that combined bold and physical European acting technique with rich European theatrical literature would provide Chicago’s entertainment scene with a unique and vibrant voice. Beata remains true to her original mission and continues to travel abroad every year to research up-and-coming directors, playwrights and stage technique in Berlin, Budapest, Krakow, Zakopane, Paris and other continental cities.


Assistant Director: Andrew Krukowski/ Set Designer Ewelina Dobiesz/ Lighting Design Richard Norwood/ Costume Design Beata Pilch/ Sound Design Anna Czerwinski/ Film Design Carrie Holt de Lama