David A. Holcombe

Resident Videographer


David made the move to Chicago and became involved with Trap Door Theatre where he was the Production Stage Manager for the Midwest premiere ofThe Beastly BombingandNo Darkness Round My Stoneas well as acting inThe Swan,Howard Barker’sMinna, internationally renownedRomanian playwright Matei Visniec’sHorses at the Window,Werner Schwab’sOverweight, Unimportant: Misshapedirected by Steppenwolf’s Yasen Peyankov,Anger/Fly and The Balcony.David was alsoprivilegedto work and travel with Trap Door on twoEuropeantours! An intrepid worldtraveler David was drawn to Trap Door’s mission and, specifically, its absurdist andEuropeanroots. He is a proud Trap Door company member.








As a part of Chicago’s independentfilm community, David has had the opportunity to not only appear in several acclaimed films as an actorbut also work behind the scenes as a writer, director and a producer. Soon afterfounding Soft Cage Films NFP, he wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film,Yellow, which was recently picked up by an international distributor. David continues to learn fromother passionate artists.www.daholcombe.com