Rachel Sypniewski

Resident Costume Designer

La Bete


Nicole Wiesner as Madame Irma Photo by Michal JanickiRachel M. Sypniewski is so thankful to have found a creative home at Trap Door. She has designed the following for Trap Door:†Love and Information, The Killer, 25/25 Festival, Tango, The Old Woman Broods, Naked,Monsieur díEon is a Woman, Letter of Love (The Fundamentals of Judo), They, Occidental Express, Into The Empty Sky, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui(Non-Equity Jeff Nomination for Best Costume Design), Phedre, Fantasy Island for Dummies, No Matter How Hard We Try, How to Explain The History of Communism to Mental Patients, The Duchess of Malfi, The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls, The Universal Wolf, The Woman Before, La Bete,†Cookie Play, Regarding the Just, Vatzlav, Blood on the Catís Neck,†andThe Balcony. Other companies she has worked with include Goodman Theater, 16th Street Theater, Griffin Theater,Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, Windy City Playhouse,City Lit, Oak Park Festival Theater, Vitalist, Rasaka, Red Tape, Red Twist, Jackalope, The New Colony, Emerald City, Strawdog, Hell in a Handbag, Factory Theater, Open Door, Promethean and Lifeline. Educational: Indiana University Northwest, Chicago Academy for the Arts, Wheaton College, Govenorís State University and St. Patrickís High School. Ms. Sypniewski is a six-time Non-Equity Jeff Award Nominee, winning once for “La Bete” with Trap Door.†www.rachelsyp.com


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