Tiffany Bedwell


Bedwell’s performance is an impressive reminder that just because an actress maintains an extreme emotional state for seventy-five minutes doesn’t mean she won’t find a varied and nuanced way of expressing it. . . Bedwell’s performance is the lynchpin. . . Highly Recommended. – Jacob Davis, Around the Town Chicago


To say Tiffany Bedwell’s performance as Phèdre is arresting would be understatement: it’s hard to imagine a more invested and varied embodiment of one overwhelmed by forbidden and unrequited lust. Highly Recommended. – Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

TIFFANY BEDWELL (Ersilia Drei): A Trap Door company member since 2008, Tiffany earned her BFA from Wayne State University (Detroit), studied at The Moscow Art Theater School (Russia) and The Athens Centre (Greece), and toured Greece in Trojan Women. In Chicago, Tiffany has worked at Goodman Theatre, Writers Theatre, Victory Gardens, Eclipse, Facility Theatre, The Artistic Home, Apple Tree and others. At Trap Door, Tiffany was seen as Phèdre in Phèdre, and in Eva Peron, The Beastly Bombing, The Unconquered, Anger/Fly, The Arsonists, The Unveiling / Dozens of Cousins, No Matter How Hard We Try and A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians, which toured Romania and Poland. On-camera credits: Chicago PD (NBC), Chicago Fire (NBC), Betrayal (ABC), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as work in commercials, voiceovers and print. Up next: Tiffany can be seen as Ersilia Drei in Naked by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Kay Martinovich, at Trap Door this fall, and then the following spring as Maggie in Raven Theatre’s production of Yen by Anna Jordan, directed by Elly Green. A SAG-AFTRA member, Tiffany is represented by Paonessa Talent (on-camera, theatre) and Stewart Talent (voiceover).
Tiffany Bedwell’s deliciously histrionic performance puts the drama in this drama queen. –  Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

Anger Fly

Bedwell and Pilch play off each other with a dash of sitcom energy, as if Lucy and Ethel accidentally wandered into Maxim Gorky’s “The Lower Depths”

Chicago Tribune (No Matter How Hard We Try)

…succeeds thanks to the stellar performances of Tiffany Bedwell and Kevin Cox…

Chicago Tribune (The Unveiling and Dozens of Cousins)

Tiffany Bedwell is elegantly peculiar as Mrs. Biedermann, realizing lovely layers to a potentially one-dimensional character (…Four Stars)

Chicago Stage Review

Tiffany Bedwell shrieks and smokes with aplomb as… Babette

Chicago Theater Beat

(David Steiger) is well-matched with Tiffany Bedwell as his wife, who wears a perpetually bright, perky, Teflon smile – until she doesn’t.  It’s a gas watching them…

Chicago Tribune (Anger Fly)


“[David Steiger] is well-matched with Tiffany Bedwell as his wife, who wears a perpetually bright, perky, Teflon smile — until she doesn’t. It’s a gas watching them . . . . ”