Logan Hulick

Trap Door credits

  • Decomposed Theatre, Episode 3
  • Eddie / Tango 
  • Clochard/Ensemble / The Killer
  •  Doctor / Sad Happy Sucker (Trap Open)
  • Convict / There is No Power for the Electric Chair (Trap Open)

Ensemble member Logan Hulick (he/him/his) has been a company with Trap Door since 2021. He has Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is also a graduate from the Second City Conservatory. He is originally from Rockford, Illinois.

Hulick’s favorite line from a Trap Door production:

“What do you see resting on the bridge of my nose? Glasses. Exactly. And do you know why? Because I’m doctor. I had to earn these glasses. They don’t just hand these glasses out to any old bozo… No. I passed the test, man. And I got the glasses to prove it.” – The Doctor, Sad Happy Sucker (Trap Open)