Michael Mejia-Beal

Trap Door credits

  • Dinner with Marx
  • Decomposed Theatre, Episode 1
  • The White Plague
  • Lipstick Lobotomy
  • The Killer
  • The Old Woman Broods
  • Monsieur D’eon is a Woman
  • Queen C
  • Decomposed Theatre, Episode 3: The Man in the Circle, The Man with a Cockroach, Brainwasher 1, The Beggar
  • ALAS

Company Manager

Michael Mejia-Beal (they/them/theirs) has been a part of the Trap Door community since 2018. They studied acting and music performance at Indiana University before coming to Chicago. Michael is the Company Manager for Trap Door Theatre, where they are also a proud ensemble member. Michael is also a musician who plays guitar, piano and writes. For more info visit: www.mejiah.com