Accessibility at Trap Door Theatre


Trap Door Theatre strives to bring our theater to all audiences interested in experiencing it. We believe that our evocative and surreal work is for everybody, and that nobody should be excluded from it because of issues due to access.

On top of our current efforts to create an accessible artistic environment, we are always looking to grow and expand our accessibility programming. If you have any thoughts, advice, or needs that are not met by our current accessibility programming, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate however we can.


Trap Door provides dedicated curb to seat assistance upon request.

There are no stairs needed at any point to access Trap Door Theatre.

To access Trap Door Theatre’s sidewalk from the street (either Cortland St. or Paulina Ave.), there is a curb with a ramp on both sides of the corner.

There are two doorways to enter Trap Door.

-Both doors, when entering the theater, are outwards swinging doors. When fully opened, they open 34 inches wide.

-The first (to enter the building) is an out-swing door with a “door lever” knob that only needs to be pulled to open the door outward. At the base of this doorway is a small lip.

-The second (to enter the lobby) is an out-swing door with a turning door knob that needs to be turned and pulled to open the door outward. At the base of this doorway is a change in flooring that creates a slight lip.


There are two levels to our audience seating.

-The base level, at most points of the theater, does not have any steps up. There are a few seats on the base level that have a single step up.

-The second level, depending on location in the audience, has one to two steps up.

To move from our lobby into the theater, there is an open doorway that is 37 inches wide. The aisle used to access seats is 31 inches wide with a very slight inclining ramp partway through.

There is an open space at one side of our audience that is 9 square feet. Large enough to comfortably host 2 patrons in mobility devices.

Our seats are 17 inches wide.


Trap Door has one gender neutral bathroom.

To access the bathroom, there is an in-swing door with a turning knob that needs to be turned and pushed. At the base of this doorway there is a change in flooring that creates a lip.

There is no bar beside the toilet.


Trap Door provides a captioned performance for each production. To view the date of a production’s captioned performance, visit that show’s web page.

Trap Door provides ASL interpretation, but not for every production. If you would like to request ASL interpretation for a specific production, please reach out to