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As Matei Visniec once said, “What a pride to think that you can build a book yourself, when in fact words write to you and build you.” Now, more than ever, we need to usher in the world of tomorrow through art and action. 

Trap Door is changing. This means new voices, new plays, and new goals as we continue to listen, learn, and institute long-term and structural change both in our organization and community. This means prioritizing and amplifying work by BIPOC artists (read our full list of pledges here).

As we prepare for our future, we ask for your support. Ticket sales do not come close to covering even our “shoestring” budgets. Your donations directly affect the development of productions at Trap Door and allow us to compensate our artists. 

Of course, all donors will continue to receive complimentary drinks with ticket sales and access to donors-only events with every tax-deductible donation. Every donor is listed in our programming. Choose which role you’d like to play…

  • Muse ($25,000+)
  • Director ($15,000+)
  • Star ($5,000+)
  • Set designer ($2,500+)
  • Ensemble member ($1,000+)
  • Box office attendant ($101+)
  • Production assistant ($1+)


Checks should be made payable to Trap Door Productions and mailed to:
Trap Door Theatre
1655 W Cortland
Chicago, IL 60622

For questions about donations, email managing director Nicole Wiesner at


Thank you to our 19/20 Season Donors


Muse ($25,000+)

Reva and David Logan Foundation

Star ($5,000+)

DCASE, Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, Illinois Arts Council, John Kulczycki

Set designer ($2,500+)

Cretors Foundation, John R Halligan Foundation, Rothman Family Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding

Ensemble member ($1,000)

Dorcas Joslin, Bobby McCarthy, John Pinkus

Box office attendant ($101+)

Imad Bahrani, Nancy Bishop, Joseph and Diane Damico, Michelle Debouzek-Dornan, David Edelberg, Susan Feibus, Belton Fleisher, Kelsey Freese, Lois and James Hobart, Carrie Holt de Llama, Lyndsay Kane, Lee Kirk, Adam Makowski, Fran Moekler, David Moquay, Catherine Rahmes, Joyce Rimlinger, Marilyn Robbins, Norm Sloan, Bill Sugas, Keith Surney, Carol Talbot

Production assistant ($1+ and in-kind)

Samuel Bakken, Kamille Beal, Les-Lis Beal, Adam Bitterman, Jerr Boschee and Linda Ball, Emily Brink, Lee Brozen, Geoffrey Bushor, Homer Butuyan, Michael Canter, Clifford Chamberlain, Nathan Colwell, Kevin Cook, Taylor Cook, Emily Cotton, Lisa Cram, Ty Easley, Kathleen Geier, Susan Glynn, Diana Green, Jason Griffith, Venice Guttierez, Vered Hankin, Sascha Hilgenfeldt, Gary Houston, Thilo Jiptner, Michelle Kaczor, Peter Krause, David Liesse, Fredrica Levin, Ziggy Malecki, Tomasz Marczewski, Ruth Margraff, Christopher McGeehan, Kari Meijer, Michael Mejia, Susan Mele, David Narter, Josh Oberheid, Noel Orken, Alyssa Robbins, Samuel Shelton, Thomas Simpson, Ann Sonneville, Tony Spangenberg, Dawn Strand, Circus Szalewski, Paul Torok, Adriana Trajkovski, Spence Warren, Jim Watras, 369 Wire Design