Support Trap Door Theatre


As Matei Visniec once said, “What a pride to think that you can build a book yourself, when in fact words write to you and build you.” Now, more than ever, we need to usher in the world of tomorrow through art and action. 

Trap Door is changing. This means new voices, new plays, and new goals as we continue to listen, learn, and institute long-term and structural change both in our organization and community. This means prioritizing and amplifying work by BIPOC artists (read our full list of pledges here).

As we prepare for our future, we ask for your support. Ticket sales do not come close to covering even our “shoestring” budgets. Your donations directly affect the development of productions at Trap Door and allow us to compensate our artists. 

Of course, all donors will continue to receive complimentary drinks with ticket sales and access to donors-only events with every tax-deductible donation. Every donor is listed in our programming. Choose which role you’d like to play…

  • Muse ($25,000+)
  • Director ($15,000+)
  • Star ($5,000+)
  • Set designer ($2,500+)
  • Ensemble member ($1,000+)
  • Box office attendant ($101+)
  • Production assistant ($1+)


Checks should be made payable to Trap Door Productions and mailed to:
Trap Door Theatre
1655 W Cortland
Chicago, IL 60622

For questions about donations, email managing director Nicole Wiesner at


Thank you to our Season 27 Donors

(September 2020-September 2021)


Muse ($25,000+)

Reva and David Logan Foundation

Director ($15,000+)

Illinois Business Interruption Grant, The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, The Paul M Angell Foundation

Star ($5,000+)

City of Chicago Performing Arts Venue Relief Grant, The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, William Hunt, The Illinois Arts Council, John Kulczycki, Dan Noel

Set Designer ($2,500+)

Rick Gillies, The John R Halligan Foundation, The Rothman Family Foundation

Ensemble Member ($1,000)


Box Office Attendant ($101+)

Imad Bahrani, Nancy Bishop, Joseph and Dianne Damico, David Edelberg, Belton Fleisher, Lois and James Hobart, Warren Mueller, Marilyn Robbins, Amy Speek, In Memory of Jesse Dornan

Production Assistant ($1+ and In-Kind)

Krystyna Cygielska, Dorcas Joslin, Scott Dray, Kelsey Freese, Kyle Green, Ekaterina Khazin, Ziggy Malecki, Mary K Martinovich, Nancy Nagel, John Pinkus, Elizabeth Ress, Alyssa Robbins, Norm Sloan, Keith Surney, D. Gray Vogelmann


And thank you to all of our current season’s donors, you have brought this season to life!


Season 28 Donors

(September 2021-September 2022)

369 Wire Design, Patricia Acerra, Imad Bahrani, James Block, Richard Byrne, Chopin Theatre, Joel Cohen, Ron Corthell, Joseph and Dianne Damico, Steve Danzis, Carrie and George De Lama, In Memory of Jesse Dornan, Ty Easley, David Edelberg, Lauren Fisher, Pam Fisher, Shawna Franks, Kelsey Freese, Gavin Glynn, Gary and Kathy Grube, The John R Halligan Charitable Fund, Lois and James Hobart, Gary Houston, William Hunt, Illinois Arts Council Agency, Ruth Johnston, Dorcas Joslin, Katarzyna Kay, John Kulczycki, David Liesse, The Reva and David Logan Foundation, David Lovejoy, Stow Lovejoy, Kay Martinovich, Bobby McCarthy, Christopher McGeehan, Kim McKean, Fran Moekler, The National Endowment for the Arts, David Ottoman, Nick Petros, John Pinkus, Catherine Rahmes, Ioana Rentea, Patricia Rogers, The Rothman Family Foundation, Norm Sloan, Ann Sonneville, Adam and Nancy Sorkin, Barbara Strassberg, Bill Sugas, Catherine Sullivan, Christina Tanner, Fred Tadrowski, John Veldt, D. Gray Vogelmann, Jim Watras