Trap Open


Trap Open explores non-traditional forms of playmaking, while developing and giving voice to the next generation of groundbreaking theatre artists.

In keeping with the promise to foster innovative forms of expression, Trap Door opens up its space to company members, as well as guest artists, to develop new work that exists outside the realm of a traditional theatrical run. These performances occur sporadically throughout the prime-time season as additional offerings during the week and late nights. Whether it is a workshop of a bold new play, a daylong performance installation, or a collaboration with artists from other mediums, Trap Open offers audiences thrilling, unexpected experiences while granting artists the opportunity to take risks that push their artistic practices to new heights.

Trap Door Theatre will offer to host and produce your project in our Bucktown space. We manage the box office through our online ticket sales and provide equipment use and promotion.

Interested in participating in the program? Send a brief proposal of your project and requirements for production to

Past Productions:


Still Life

Created and Performed by Matt Sandbank

July 2023

Roxi Starr Live from the Closet and Just Say Blow Me

Written by Susan Mele and Leah Ryan

Directed by Ed Cheetham and Gene Fouche

April 2021

Reality Theatre

Written by Julia Lederer

Directed by Emily Lotspeich

February 2020

The Great Big Invisible Invisible

Written and Directed by Ambrose Cappuccio

September 2019

Childhood Beauty

Written by Suz Evans

Directed by Skye Fort

March 2019


There is No Power for the Electric Chair

Written by Alexandar Sekulov

Translated by Holly Karapetkova

Directed by Zlatomir Moldovanski

October 2018

Sad Happy Sucker

Written by Lee Kirk

Directed by Mike Steele

June 2018