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Joseph Jefferson Award Citations:
  • Special Award, for “Opening a magical door to an evocative and surreal world over the last 25 years”
  • Best Original Music (Danny Rockett, How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients)
  • Best Actor in a Principal Role (Kevin Cox, La Běte)
  • Best Costume Design (Rachel Sypniewski, La Běte)
  • Best Original Incidental Music (Ovidiu Iloc, the word progress on my mother’s lips doesn’t ring true)
  • Best Actress in a Principal Role (Nicole Wiesner, First Ladies)
  • Best New Work (Ken Prestininzi, Beholder)
  • Best Ensemble (Nana)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Sharon Gopfert, Lebensraum)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Eric Johnson, Lebensraum)
  • Best Ensemble (Lebensraum)
  • Best Ensemble (Porcelain)
After Dark Awards:
  • Best Original Incidental Score (Beholder)
  • Best Ensemble (Emma)
  • Best Ensemble (The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant)
  • Best Costumes (Beata Pilch, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant)
  • Best Production (The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant)
  • Best Lighting (Richard Norwood, Old Clown Wanted)
  • Best Director (Michael Pieper, Lebensraum)
  • Best Production (Lebensraum)
  • Best Actress (Marzena Bukowska, My Liver is Senseless)
  • Best Production (My Liver is Senseless)
  • Best Sound Design (Bob Rokos, Sugar Down, Billie Hoak)
  • Best Production (Porcelain)
Orgie Awards:
  • Best Director (Tracy Letts, People Annihilation or My Liver is Senseless)
  • Best Actress (K.K. Dodds, AmeriKafka)
The Cultural Programs of the French Embassy Award:
  • First Place: Deathwatch
  • First Place: The Automobile Graveyard
  • First Place: The Architect and Emperor of Assyria
Other acknowledgments:
  • Staff Pick, “Best Off Loop Theatre” in Best of Chicago Reader (2019)
  • Interview with artistic director Beata Pilch in Ensemble: An Oral History of Chicago Theater, compiled and created by Mark Larson (2019)
  • Prop Design by Zsofia Otvos featured in Setting the Stage by Design Chicago as part of Year of Chicago Theatre Celebration (2019)
  • Award of Excellency for Occidental Express by Ministry of Culture from Romania – Sălaj County Center (2018)
  • Trap Door’s resident graphic designer, Michal Janicki’s production image of the word progress on my mother’s lips doesn’t ring true received front cover credit for Domnica Radulescu’s: Theatre of War and Exile.Theatre of War and Exile Cover
  • Runner up for Best Off-Loop Theatre in Best of Chicago Reader (2017)
  • Zoltan Balasz Best Director for How to Explain History of Communism…, International Festival in Baia Mare, Romania (2017)
  • Worth Magazine: Editor’s Picks: Emily DeNitto (2015)
  • Time Out Chicago: Best Storefront Theatres in the city (2014)
  • Chicago Reader: Best String of Theatrical Stunners (2011-12 Season)
  • Chicago Tribune: Best Fringe Theatre of 2010 (Chaste)
  • Chicago Sun-Times: Best Theatre of 2010 (Chaste)
  • Huffington Post: Best of Chicago Theatre 2010 (Chaste)
  • Chicago Tribune: Top Five Shows of 2008 (Beholder)
  • Chicago Tribune: Top Five Shows of 2006 (The Fourth Sister)
  • Chicago Tribune: Top Ten Chicago Theater Performances of 2005 (K.K. Dodds in AmeriKafka)
  • Windy City Times: Best Scenic Design (No Darkness Round My Stone)
  • Windy City Times: Best Ensemble Award, 2004 (Katzelmacher)
  • Gay Chicago Magazine: “Best of Stage” for 2007 (Emma)
  • New City Magazine: Top Five Shows of 2008 (No Darkness Round My Stone)
  • New City Magazine: Top Five Guilty Pleasures for 2007 (Eva Peron)
  • Performink: End of Year Review for 2008: “Best Production” (No Darkness Round My Stone)
  • Performink: 2002, Best Theatre Making the Best of It.
  • Best Production of the Year (People Annihilation or My Liver is Senseless)
  • Performink: End of the Year Round-up “Best Production” (Request Program) and “Best Performance” (Carolyn Shoemaker, Request Program)
  • Steadstyle: Best Production of the Year Award for (Morocco and Quills)