Me Too, I am Catherine Deneuve

France, 2012

Written by: Pierre Notte

Directed by: Valery Warnotte

Translated by: David Bradby


Tour Cast: John Kahara, Beata Pilch, Sadie Rogers, Holly (Thomas) Cerney

Tour Crew: Richard Norwood, Michael Garvey & Nicole Wiesner

During this tour, Trap Door Theatre’s Artistic Director Beata Pilch, was honored with a three month working artistic residency in Paris made possible by the Program Cite Internationale des Arts. During her residency, Pilch networked with French actors, playwrights and directors to seek out and workshop a new production, of French origin and affiliation, to bring to Chicago.


April 6, Le Drakkar, the National Theatre of Dieppe (Dieppe, France)

April 11, 12, 13, La Filature National Theatre (Mulhouse, France)

April 17-28, Les D’chargeurs (Paris, France)

May 3, 4, L’Onde Theatre et centre d’art (Velizy, France)

Chicago Production

U.S.A. Tour