BY: Brian Howrey
DIRECTED BY: Brian Howrey

CAST: Beata Pilch, Sean Marlow, Sarah Charipar, Gary Sugarman, Kate Hendrickson
LIGHTING DESIGN: Richard Norwood
SET DESIGN: Richard Norwood

“Pushing the boundaries of classic drama and breaking new ground with daring multidisciplinary productions.” 
-Lucia Mauro, Curtain Call 

Feverdream Cocktail
Feverdream Cocktail comes in three tasty movements. Movement one, An Information Theory, concerns the travails of a woman trying to keep warm by burning books, who is continuously interrupted by a pair of brain surgery refugees and a man with a missing shoe. Movement two, Scherzo, is a dance movement. Movement three, Burns Itself Out, deals with a territorial struggle between rival cigarette hunters, each with their own writer-slave, all trying to keep a singer-paymaster well-stocked with lyrics.
Pictured: Kate Hendrickson


Born and raised in Houston, TX, Brian Howrey holds a BA from Dartmouth College and a M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts. Making a transition from composer to playwright while completing his M.F.A., he has developed a style of theatre owing its structure to musical forms, and in which music and other non-verbal languages often supersede their verbal counterparts. For the past eight years he lived in Los Angeles, where his work has had numerous performances at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Ivy Substation, Lost Studio and Spanish Kitchen, as well as in Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is currently living in New York City.


Opened: October 1997