POONA THE FUCK DOG, and other Plays for Children
BY: Jeff Goode
DIRECTED BY: Cheryl Snodgrass

CAST: Brian Bon Durant, Bumper Carroll, Robert A. Felbinger, Inger Hatlen, Lisa Lewis, Sean Marlow, Joe Mellen, Tristan Poje, Courtney Shaughnessy, Doug Steckel, Gary Sugarman, Tina Thuerwachter, Mark Yoder
LIGHTING DESIGN: Richard Norwood
COSTUME DESIGN: Sean Marlow, Beata Pilch, Cheryl Snodgrass
SET DESIGN: Steve Czarnopys


“One of the best productions in Trap Door’s history” 
-Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune

Poona the Fuckdog
A darkly wacky adventure through Poona’s Fairy tale world where: Tvs are King, Frogs don’t turn into Princes, Princes carry bombs and it’s all ok with God. (Oh! Plus one Dragon!)

Sean Marlow


Jeff Goode is a director, actor and author of over 40 plays, musicals and children’s shows including The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs, Lesbian’s Last Pizza, Ring Cycle!- The Musical, Larry and the Werewolf, Dead Panther Cabaret, Narcissus and Echo, The UBU Plays, and The Maids for the Trap Door Theatre. His published plays include the dark Christmas comedy, The Eight, and the “revolutionary” children’s trilogy, The UBU Plays , both published by Baker’s plays in Boston. His work also appears in several of the “Best Monologues” books published by Smith & Kraus, including excerpts from Lesbian’s Last Pizza, Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs and Narcissus & Echo.

Jeff is a co-founder of the original No Shame Theatre (Iowa City), and a founding member company member of The Unusual Cabaret (Bar Harbor, Maine) and Pantechnicon Artworks (Chicago, IL). A cornfed Iowa youth, Jeff moved to California to become a decadent screenwriter. He has written pilot scripts for MTV ( Bloody Hell and Undressed) and Canal Plus (Smash! World.)


Cheryl Snodgrass holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Fine Arts. Cheryl has had the honor to direct Jeff Goode’s acclaimed The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, more times than anyone else in the world! Cheryl is a founding member of No Shame Theatre (Iowa City), The Unusual Cabaret (Bar Harbor, Maine) and Les Enfans du Mais & C’est Destine (Chicago, IL. Cheryl has performed in, produced, and/or directed a number of Jeff Goode shows including: Lesbian’s Last Pizza, Narcissus & Echo, Escape from Eldarado and Larry and the Werewolf.

Opened :January 1999