Written by Dea Loher

Translated by Michael & Michael

Directed by Michael Hoffman


CAST: Sharon Gopfert, Melissa Carlson, Tom Daniel, Maria Miller, Michael Daley

“Now in its U.S. premiere by the Trap Door Theatre, Tattoo is a family show only in the grimmest sense, It shows little but implies years of waking nightmares.”
-Lawrence Bommer, The Chicago Tribune 

“In all, Tattoo is a wrenching piece, made all the more so by a director and a cast that are up to the demands of Loher’s horrific story”
-Catey Sullivan, Nightlines

While scratching at the epidermis of abuse and peeling away the scabs that cover their disturbing existence, a family reveals the disease that infects their love for each other.

Playwright: Dea Loher was born Andrea Beate Loher in 1964 in Traunstein, Germany. She initially used the first name Dea as a pen name, but eventually changed her name officially to Dea. She studied German literature and philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She then spent a year in Brazil. In 1990, she began studying creative writing for the stage with Heiner Müller and Yaak Karsunke at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her first plays premiered in the early 1990s, and she gained recognition as one of the most important young playwrights of her time in Germany.[2] Dea Loher has since been awarded major prizes for drama and literature in Germany, including the Joseph-Breitbach- Wikipedia, assessed 9/18/2018

Opened: May 1996