Carl Wisniewski

Trap Door credits

  • The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey (Chicago, New York)
  • Queen C
  • Discourse Without Grammar 
  • Decomposed Theatre, Episode 3
  • THEY
  • Phèdre
  • Cookie Play
  • Blood on the Cat’s Neck
  • The Balcony
  • Minna
  • The Fourth Sister
  • Garden of Delight
  • The Crazy Locomotive
  • Katzelmacher
  • Nana
  • Quills
  • The Shoemakers

Carl Wisniewski (he/him/his) is a proud Trap Door Theatre Company member since 2001. He earned his BA in Theatre at Columbia College Chicago and his MA in Communication/Media/Theatre at Northeastern Illinois University. Outside of the Trap Door, Carl performed at Angel Island, Oracle, Prop, Red & Chopin Theater(s). Carl is a public speaking and communication instructor at Triton College and College of DuPage.