BY: Tennessee Williams
DIRECTED BY: Amantha Sam May

CAST: Beata Pilch, Eileen James, Peter Petraszewski, Kristie Hassinger, Karolyn Shapiro, Chuck Stubbings
LIGHTING DESIGN: Richard Norwood
SET DESIGN: John Guzzardo, Sean Marlow
STAGE MANAGER: Melissa Johns

“A surreal farce.”
-Gabrielle Kaplan, The Chicago Reader

In 1940, Tennessee Williams, at the age of twenty-nine was able to see his play,mBattle of Angels produced on Broadway. It was the first of a very long career of playwriting. Although the play was canceled after opening, Tennessee continued to rewrite it over the course of his life. Why did he stick so stubbornly to this play? Tennessee was quoted as saying, “Nothing is more precious to anybody than the emotional record of his youth and you will find the trail of my sleeve-worn heatr in this completed play that I now call Orpheus Descending. About 75% of it is new writing, but what is more important, I believe that I have finally managed to say in it what I wanted to say, and I feel that it now has in it a sort og emotional bridge between my early years and my present state of existence as a playwright. So much for the past and present. The future is called “perhaps” which is the only possible thing is to call the future. And the important thing is not to allow that to scare you.”

Opened: January 1996

Congratulations Jeff Awards Nominees 2017: Rachel Sypniewski,
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