The Trap Door Theatre Presents

The Beastly Bombing

Libretto by Julien Nitzberg
Music by Roger Neill
Originally Directed in Los Angeles by Julien Nitzberg
Directed & Choreographed by Kevin Remington

March 20, 2008 – May 3, 2008

Recommended by Centerstage Chicago / Recommended by the Chicago Reader

“an enthusiastic and lovable cast of lunatics…
that might just help you laugh your way through the nightly news.”
-After Dark Chicago

“truly ingenious”
-The Chicago Tribune

“The first great work of comedy to emerge from the post-9/11 little planet of horrors.”
-The Huffington Post

“An equal opportunity offender.”
-L.A. Times

“A striking concoction of urbane nihilism and Victorian charm. It could become a cult classic, a political valentine to the first decade of the new century…it’s Dr.Strangelove meets HMS Pinafore.”
-The LA Weekly

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The Beastly Bombing’s controversial but hilarious take on modern politics, fundamentalism and the war on terror has produced a touchstone event, leading to debate about which issues comedy can address in our polarized society. This romantic operetta ran for over a year in L.A. and won Best Musical of the Year at the L.A. Weekly Awards.

Featuring: Tiffany Bedwell, Noah Durham, Matthew Gottlieb, John Gray, Michelle Hackman, Steve Konet, Alyssa Nicole Larson, Melissa Law, Andrew Luckenbill, Gabriel Pastrana, Alzan Pelesic, and featuring Stephen Lydic as the President of the United States.

Musical Director: Michelle Hackman
Stage Manager: David Holcombe
Scenic Designer: Ewelina Dobiesz
Costume Designer: Iris Bainum-Houle
Lighting Designer: Richard Norwood
Sound Engineer: Sam Lewis

Congratulations Jeff Awards Nominees 2017: Rachel Sypniewski,
Victor Quezada-Perez
and "ARTURO UI Ensemble"

Trap Door welcomes
Associate Ensemble members:

Adam Huizenga
Sami Ismat
David Kaplinsky
Vic Kuligoski
Eddie Lynch
Josh Pennington
Christopher Prchal
Alex Stien
Alexander Trice
Nora Lise Ulrey
Kristin Davis*
(*Resident Stage Manager)


Congratulations to our amazing Danny Rockett for recent Joseph Jefferson Award - Original Music in a Play for "How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients"
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