BY: Jean Genet

CAST: Sean Marlow, Sean Judge, Anne Fogarty


“This neoclassic tragedy, presented in an edgy, circus-like absurd staging by the adventurous Trap Door, takes the idea of reality versus illusion and buries it in so many layers of deceit that no one involved can settle into fearless complacency.”

-Lucia Mauro, The New City

“The result is surreal and somewhat dizzying…” 
-Catey Sullivan, Nightlines


Jeff Goode is a director, actor and author of over 40 plays, musicals and children’s shows including The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs, Lesbian’s Last Pizza, Ring Cycle!- The Musical, Larry and the Werewolf, Dead Panther Cabaret, Narcissus and Echo, The UBU Plays, and The Maids for the Trap Door Theatre. His published plays include the dark Christmas comedy, The Eight, and the “revolutionary” children’s trilogy, The UBU Plays , both published by Baker’s plays in Boston. His work also appears in several of the “Best Monologues” books published by Smith & Kraus, including excerpts from Lesbian’s Last Pizza, Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs and Narcissus & Echo.

Jeff is a co-founder of the original No Shame Theatre (Iowa City), and a founding member company member of The Unusual Cabaret (Bar Harbor, Maine) and Pantechnicon Artworks (Chicago, IL). A cornfed Iowa youth, Jeff moved to California to become a decadent screenwriter. He has written pilot scripts for MTV ( Bloody Hell and Undressed) and Canal Plus (Smash! World.)

Scenic Design: Sean Marlow
Cosume Design: Tina Howard
Lighting Design: Richard Norwood
Stage Manager: Wendy Walshe
Props: Cheryl Snodgrass
Sound: Peter Petraszewski
Jewelry: Wendy Walshe
Makeup: Monique Cooper
Poster Design: Sean Marlow
Assistant Director: Amy Punt
Consulting Asshole: Cheryl Snodgrass

Opened: February 1996 

Congratulations Jeff Awards Nominees 2017: Rachel Sypniewski,
Victor Quezada-Perez
and "ARTURO UI Ensemble"

Trap Door welcomes
Associate Ensemble members:

Adam Huizenga
Sami Ismat
David Kaplinsky
Vic Kuligoski
Eddie Lynch
Josh Pennington
Christopher Prchal
Alex Stien
Alexander Trice
Nora Lise Ulrey
Kristin Davis*
(*Resident Stage Manager)


Congratulations to our amazing Danny Rockett for recent Joseph Jefferson Award - Original Music in a Play for "How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients"
Time Out Chicago recognizes Trap Door as one of the best storefront theatres in the city!

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