BY: Erik Ehn
DIRECTED BY: David P. O’Donnell

CAST: Summer Chance, Michael Claypool, Howie Cohen, Erin Flynn, Tom Lynch, Allison Silverman, Rebecca Tennison

Erik Ehn, a playwright based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has created a long-term project for himself: to write a play for every Saint. Since developing a Joan of Arc piece,Wholly Joan’s, Ehn has brought his exxperimental style to the ranks of the canonized, combining modern takes on martyrdom with the traditional stories of the saints. Various incarnations of The Saint Plays have been produced in New York, California and Seattle. This was a midwest premiere of three of the plays in a workshop production.

David P. O’Donnell, a local director, puppeteer, and company member of Redmoon Theater directs three short Saint Plays: Wholly Joan’s, Incide (a rare Ehn Piece that explores the story of Judas, decidedly not a saint, but with the characteristics of a martyr), and Locus (a version of the John the Baptist story that includes appearances by Jim Thorpe, Buddy Holly, and Elvis).

Builders associated with Redmoon created the puppets and masks used in this production.


Opened: November 1995

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