Letters to the President

and the Bus Poems


May 2006, 2007, 2009



Written by M.S. Garvey

Directed by Beata Pilch

M.S. Garvey has been writing letters to the President of the United States since 2002 until the present. He has been performing the ‘letters’ since 2003 in various incarnations with many talented musicians and artists from Los Angeles to Chicago, San Francisco, Livingston Montana, Grand Rapids Michigan, the streets outside the Republican National Convention in New York City and in front of the White House. In 2006 he was invited to perform the ‘letters’ in Targu Mures, Romania for an “Uni Drama” festival. ‘Letters’ was invited back to Romania the next two years with the Trap Door Touring company playing in the Arad Fun Festival and back to Teatru 74 in Targu Mures.

Explore the Chicago Production

Tour 2006: Michael Garvey (cast), Omar (stage manager), and Beata Pilch (director).

Tour 2007: Gary Damico (stage manager), Michael Garvey (cast), John Gray (cast) Richard Norwood (lighting), Beata Pilch (director), Circus Szalewski (cast) and Bob Wilson (cast).

Tour 2009: Michael Garvey (cast), John Kahara (cast), Richard Norwood (lighting), Beata Pilch (director), and Tiffany Joy Ross (cast).


Romania 2006

December: Teatru 74, Targu Mures

Uni Drama Festival

Romania 2007

May 18: Arad

Fun Underground Teatru Festival

May 24: Teatru 74, Targu Mures

Romania 2009

May: Arad

Fun Underground Teatru Festival