Barcelona, Spain 2018

Written by: Matei Visniec


Translated by: Nick Awde


Directed by: Beata Pilch


Cast: Angie Angels (Russia), Carl Chambers (England), Dermot Flanagan (Ireland), Sharon GŲpfert (Germany), Andrew Laughton (Scotland), Luisa Lorenzo Gonzalez (Dominican Republic), Ariana Silvan-Grau (USA) and Malcolm McCarthy (Cuba).


November 17th – 29th, 2018 at Tinta Roja Carrer de la Creu dels Molers (Barcelona, Spain)


Assistant Director Gary Damico /Lighting Design & Technician Marcelo Rojas/Choreographer Vicenc Arranz Alvarez/Costume Design Rachel Sypniewski, Pixie Lee, Roxana Perdiguero/Set Design Anna Chwaliszewska/ Video Design Poppi Knight & Nico Bertrand/Graphic Design Zekewenders / Stage Manager Neema Lahon/ Sound Design† Marta Mattotti

From the terrifying details of water crossings, to the absurdities of the surrounding politics and the hypocrisy of those who profit from them, to the everyday lives of the people caught in the middle, Matei Visniecís dark comedy Migraaaants! takes on multiple perspectives of the current migrant situation.