Horses at the Window


May 2009

Romania & Hungary


November 2009



Written by Matei Visniec

Translated by Alison Sinclair

Directed by Radu-Alexandru Nica

Guest Director from Romania


Horses at the Window made its Romania debut at the world renowned International Theatre Festival in Sibiu. We were very fortunate to perform in their most unique venue: a 12th century fortress in the village of Cisnadiora amidst the Carpathian Mountains. The venue was designed to hold around 70 people, but Trap Door set a record and packed in over 200 people into the ancient walls, a festival record! Our esteemed audience included playwright, Matei Visniec, Romanian Director, Radu Alexandru-Nica and his proud parents. The show was then off for its grand finale at the National Theatre in Bucharest, one of Europe’s most prestigious theatres.

Special thanks to Dominica Radulescu for her kind invitation to perform in Lexington, Virginia.

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Tour Cast (Romania):  Holly Thomas Cerney, John Gray, John Kahara, Beata Pilch,Tiffany Joy Ross, and John Stokvis.

Crew (Romania): Gary Damico, David Holcomb, David Moquay, Richard Norwood, and Sarah Walls-Rosenberg.

Tour Cast and Crew (U.S.A.): Holly Thomas Cerney, John Gray, Gary Damico, John Kahara, Richard Norwood, Beata Pilch,Tiffany Joy Ross, and John Stokvis and Nicole Wiesner.



May: National Theatre of Bucharest, Bucharest

May: Sibiu

International Theatre Festival in Sibiu

United States

November 13: Washington and Lee University, Lexington

Tenth National Symposium of Theatre in Academe

November 16: Martin E. Segal Theatre, New York