John Doe

Our greatest inspiration, the Teatr Witkacy in Zakopane, Poland, invited our ensemble to collaborate with Artistic Director Andrzej Dziuk on a very special Witkiewicz project that played there before being brought back home:

John Doe

Based on the text of Madman and the Nun
By Stanislaw Witkiewicz

Played at the Kawiarnia Witkacy Scena Atanazego Bazakbala ul. Chramcowki 15
Zakopane, Poland

For more information from Witkacy:

14_Wariat i Zakonnica

Thanks to our Friends!

A very special thank-you to all the donors who supported our ensemble in getting to Poland! Because of your support we had the opportunity to work with Witkiewicz master Andrzej Dziuk at the Teatr Witkacy in Zakopane. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Tamadhur Al-Ageel Adriana Kirk Anderson
Marek Asredniawa John Balla Dr. Imad Bahrani
Belva J. Baron Battery O Daniel Bertsche
David Billotti Lucianne Bischoff Jaclyn Biskup
Robert S. Boone Gerald Brichan Aaron Brossiet
Wm. Bullion Carlos Cabellos Malcolm Callan
Casey Chapman Yves Chedemois Sharon Counts
Daniel & Carol Cyganowski Krystyna Cygielska Angela Dancey
Christine De Groote Constance A. Dunn Elizabeth & Arthur Duquette
David Edelberg Nathan Ferguson Jeremy & Sarahlu Garland
Anne Genovese Harrison George Mr. William Hunt
Carrie Holt de Lama Carl Ferrono Joacim Flesja Granberg
Elly Green Hana Nick Hardman
Lois and James Hobart Michelle Kaczor Thomas Kennedy
Lee Kirk David Liesse Melissa Kolbusz
John Kulczycki Aimee Laberge Elizabeth Lovelady
Zbigniew Malecki Dan Malmagner Morgan Martinson
Julio Martino Elise Mayfield Mary McCullough-Hudson
Troy McGatlin Susan Mele Frances Moeckler
Mala Morgan Charlene Moy Molly Murphy
Nick Obis Ewelina Olechowska Elizabeth Osowska-Nowak
Christopher B. Ott Tom Parkin Nick Patricca
William Pelz Adam Pelty Maggie Perrill
Darlene Pollard Milan Pribisic Jerry Proffit
Catherine Rahmes Barb Rapp Matthew Roberts
Thomas Roszak Michael J. Sanow Alan Scalpone
Noemi Schlosser Shan Diann Sheldon
Christian Sheppard Jessica Sheppard Steve Simoncic
Norman Sloan Ann Sonneville Jennifer St. Angelo
Paula Stevens Barbara Strassberg Justyna Szymczak
Jacob Thomas Lawrence & Sharon Thomas Juan Valbuena
John Veldt Christina Villasenor D. Gray Vogelmann
DDS Otto Von Ruthless Waitergonebad Productions
Chris Warland Robert J. Weiler Jess White

…and thanks to all those not listed here who helped or donated in other ways!!!