Regarding the Just

Based on the text Les Justes by Albert Camus


November/December 2014



Translated and Adapted by Pascal Collin & Nicholas Le Gueve

Directed by Valéry Warnotte

Guest Director From France

This tour was made possible with support from The MacArthur Foundation.

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Tour Cast and Crew: Antonio Brunetti, Pascal Collin, David Holcombe, Michael Garvey, Allison Goetzman, Richard Norwood, Beata Pilch Alžan Pelesić and Nicole Wiesner.



November 6: Dieppe Scene Nationale, Dieppe

November 14: Theatre de Viennes, Rhone Alpes

November 18 & 19: Theatre de Velizy-Villacoublay, L’Onde

November 21: Theatre d’Herblay, Herblay-sur-Seine

November 25 to December 6: Le Carreau du Temple, Paris

Le Nef, Espace Culturel, Saint-Die-Des Vosges