The Crazy Locomotive

BY: Stanislaw I. Witkiewicz
DIRECTED BY: Beata Pilch

Romanian Run:
May 2007


Romania Cast: John Gray, Noah Durham, Beata Pilch, Kim McKean, Greg Beam


“It’s a buffoonish, perverse, assaultive, and exhilirating ride, just the kind Witkiewicz must have envisioned.”
-Chicago Reader


“Witkiewicz nicely unplugged…few American theaters are willing to risk doing his work…it seems like Trap Door only has the guts.”
-The Chicago Tribune

Romania Cast: John Gray, Noah Durham, Beata Pilch, Kim McKean, Greg Beam

The Crazy Locomotive is a multi-media superparody– of the worship of the machine and of the new arts of technology: futurism and cinema.

A band of degenerate criminals and artists commandeer an engine and seek to bring about God’s judgment by racing at apocalyptic speeds into an oncoming passenger train.

This is your brain on Witkiewicz.

Witkiewicz’ absurdist classic, The Crazy Locomotive, a macabre extravaganza of video, sculpture, hallucination, body art, dream sequences, industrialism and anti-fascist polemics was recently remounted as Trap Door’s touring piece. The Crazy Locomotive premiered in Chicago, enjoyed a run at The International New York Fringe Festival, and then came home to play a full run again in Chicago.


Assistant Director: Andrew Krukowski
Set Design: Ewelina Dobiesz
Lighting Design: Richard Norwood
Sound Design: Anna Czerwinski
Film Design: Carrie Holt de Lama
Costume Design: Beata Pilch