Occidental Express


September/October 2018

Romania, Hungary, & The Republic of Moldova


Written by Matei Visniec

Translated by Nick Awde

Additional translation by Daniela Magiaru

Directed by Istvan Szabo K.

Guest Director from Hungary


This tour was made possible with support from The the US Embassy in Chisnau.

Award of Excellency for Occidental Express by Ministry of Culture from Romania – Sălaj County Center (2018)


Trap Door was invited to perform in five international theatre festivals, and two new venues throughout the region. Trap Door was the first company EVER from the USA to perform in Chisnau, Moldova.


This tour was also made possible with support from The U.S. Embassy in Chisinau.

Trap Door reviewed in Crişana,
a local newspaper based in Oradea

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Tour Cast: Dennis Bisto, Michael Garvey, Emily Nichelson, Beata Pilch, Mike Steele, & Nicole Wiesner.

Tour Crew: Skye Fort, & Richard Norwood.



September 20 & 22: Pesti Magyar Szinhaz, Budapest


September 25 & 26: FITO, Oradea

International Theatre Festival

September 29: Tranzit-Feszt, Satu Mare

International Festival

October 1: Cultural Center REDUTA, Brasov

The Scenes of the Memory Festival

October 2: Teatrul Municipal

Matei Vișniec Suceava / The Matei Visniec Festival

October 5: Lasi

International Theatre Festival

The Republic of Moldova

October 7:

International Theatre Festival in Chisinau / Matei Visniec-from National to Universal