David Lovejoy

Trap Door credits

  • And Away We Stared
  • Piotr / Decomposed Theatre, Episode 5
  • First Assistant, Journalist, Krug Jr. / The White Plague
  • D’Eon / Monsieur d’Eon is a Woman 
  • Young Woman / The Old Woman Broods 
  • Spacebabe / Childhood Beauty
  • Dramaturg, Understudy / The Killer 

Ensemble member, donor relations manager, box office manager, and social media manager David Lovejoy (ze/hir/hirs) has been a member of the Trap Door community since 2018. Originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts, ze received a BA in absurdist theater from the University of Chicago. Find more information on hir website.

Lovejoy’s favorite line from a Trap Door production:

“You can go to hell, Dr. Babyass!” —Sigelius, The White Plague