David Lovejoy

Trap Door credits

  • The Pragmatists
  • Bowie in Warsaw Chicago, (Chicago, New York)
  • The Ugly One
  • The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey (New York)
  • Queen C
  • Dinner with Marx
  • And Away We Stared
  • Decomposed Theatre, Episode 5
  • The White Plague
  • The Killer 
  • Childhood Beauty (Trap Open)
  • The Old Woman Broods 
  • Monsieur d’Eon is a Woman 
  • Joan and the Fire (Assistant Director)
Properties Design
  • Mother Courage and her Children

Marketing Director

David Lovejoy (ze/hir/hirs) is an ensemble member at Trap Door, and also the Marketing Director and Associate Managing Director. When David is not acting or producing at Trap Door, ze is a Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master extraordinaire. Ze received a BA from UChicago in Absurdist Theatre, and is a graduate of the School at Steppenwolf and the Academy at Black Box.