Michael Garvey

Trap Door credits

  • Occidental Express (toured Hungary, Romania, Moldova)
  • How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients (toured Hungary, Romania)
  • No Matter How Hard We Try
  • John Doe (also in Zakopane, Poland)
  • Regarding the Just (toured France)
  • the word progress on my mother’s lips does not ring true (Hungarian and Romanian tour only)
  • M. S. Garvey’s Letters to the President (toured Romania)
  • Garden of Delights
  • The Boys of the Peggy August Club
  • Troy Women
  • Blood on the Cat’s Neck
  • Letters to the President (Uni-Drama Festival in Targu Mures, Romania, and the Arad Fun Underground Festival)
  • M.S. Garvey’s, Letters to the President

    Michael Garvey (he/him/his) joined the ensemble in 1996. Born in Omaha, Nebraska. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming in Broadcast Journalism and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory, Chicago. Michael has worked in film and television in Chicago, Los Angeles and Barcelona, Spain. Appearing in productions such as Men in Black II, BASEketball, Star Trek: Enterprise, Sesame Street, ER and Woody Allen’s Rifkin’s Festival. And in the performative arts working with artists such as Catherine Sullivan, Mike Kelley and Raymond Pettibon. In 2009 he went to Broadway with the Steppenwolf Theater’s, Superior Donuts, by Tracy Letts. And Michael wrote and still writes and performs his own touring piece titled, Letters to the President, which has been performed throughout the states and certain cities in Europe. Michael is also an ensemble member of Trap Door International in Barcelona. Please visit the website of the Trap Door house band, The Garvey Train of which Michael is a part of, at: www.thegarveytrain.com

    Credits (continued…)

    Trap Door International Directing
    • Dear Trump, I Fear My Right Wing is Growing…Tactile Tweets to the Twit (Barcelona, Spain)
    Trap Door International Acting
    • Blood on the Cat’s Neck (Barcelona, Spain)
    • Dear Trump, I Fear My Right Wing is Growing: Tactile Tweets to the Twit (Barcelona, Spain)