Natalia Kliszczyk

Trap Door credits

Stage Managing
  • Discourse Without Grammar

Natalia Kliszczyk (she/her/hers) is a stage manager born in Warsaw, Poland and currently living in Barcelona, Spain and has been a Trap Door International member since 2021. Experience includes work with: Escapade Theatre, ABC Foodie Events, Limelight Spain Photo & Video Production, TR Warszawa Theatre, and the DramaWay Foundation. She has collaborated with British theatre directors, Adrian Jackson and John Somers, to develop interactive theatre programs in Poland and England and developed and led many interactive and sensory workshops for children. In 2020 Natalia produced her first short movie Stream, premiered in Koroche and Portobello Film Festivals. She is a Master of Arts in Theatre from WSKiMS, Warsaw, Poland; a Master of Social Sciences in Pedagogy and Speech Therapy from Pedagogium, Warsaw, Poland; and she completed one year exchange program on Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, Portugal and a postgraduate program in Cultural & Creative Diplomacy in Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, Poland.