Natalia Kliszczyk

Trap Door credits

Production Assistant
  • The House of Gods (Trap Door’s First Feature Film)
  • Queen C
  • Dinner with Marx
Stage Managing
  • And Away We Stared 
  • Discourse Without Grammar 

Ensemble member Natalia Kliszczyk (she/her/hers) is a stage manager, executive assistant and producer born in Warsaw and currently living in Barcelona. She has over 6 years of experience working on a diverse range of productions and international projects in theatre, education, commercial photo shoots, events and film. She collaborated with British theatre directors, Adrian Jackson and John Somers, to develop interactive theatre programs in Poland and England, based around the principles of Theatre of the Oppressed and Applied Drama model. She created and led many hands on and sensory workshops for children. In 2020 Natalia produced her first short movie Stream, premiered in Koroche and Portobello film festivals. She has a Master of Arts in Theatre, a Master of Social Sciences in Pedagogy and Speech Therapy and she completed a postgraduate program in Cultural & Creative Diplomacy.


A dynamic and diverse group of international artists have come together in the last few years under the wing and direction of Artistic Director, Beata Pilch to produce theatre in Barcelona, Spain and tour throughout Europe as a new ensemble – Trap Door International.