Ann Sonneville

Trap Door credits

  • Authority / ALAS
  • Virginia Harrison Hamman / Lipstick Lobotomy
  • Ensemble / 25/25
  • Empress Elizabeth/Halifax/Marie Antoinette / Monsieur D’eon is a Woman 
  • Enone / Phèdre
  • Nadeszda / How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients 
  • Olga/Valentina / The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls
  • Princess Conti / La Bête
  • Mrs. Bat / Vatzlav
  • Carmen / The Balcony

Audience services director and ensemble member Ann Sonneville (she/her/hers) has been a member of the Trap Door community since 2013. Originally from Moline, Illinois, she received her BFA in acting from Northern Illinois University and also studied at the Moscow Art Theatre School. About Trap Door, she says, “the work is forever knocking down the walls of impossible and building worlds out of thin air. It’s unlike any other work I’ve done. I love it.”

Sonneville’s favorite line from a Trap Door production:

“I don’t enjoy a baby prostitute whatsoever.” —Lipstick Lobotomy