Kate Hendrickson

Trap Door credits

  • Lipstick Lobotomy (Kilroy List)
  • Stand Up! Fight Back!
  • Fantasy Island For Dummies
  • Cookie Play (Jeff nominated for “Best Sound Design”)
  • ANGER/FLY (“Best of Year” Chicago Reader)
  • Chaste (“Best of year” Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, Reader & Huffington Post)
  • Beholder (Jeff Award “Best New Work”, After Dark Award “Best Original Music”)
  • I am Invited to a Party! (Bucktown Arts Fest)
  • 12 Ophelias
  • Emma (After Dark Award “Best Ensemble”)
  • AmeriKafka
  • Fever Dream Cocktail
  • Dad’s Ham

Resident Director

Resident Director Kate Hendrikson (she/her/hers) specializes in premiering new plays by radical American playwrights, and has been a Trap Door company member since 2005. Kate is a Chicago native and a graduate of Bennington College. In addition to her work with Trap Door Kate has directed for Chicago Dramatists, Red Tape, Link’s Hall Physical Fest, Pivot Arts, and the International Voices Project. She is also a teaching artist with Urban Gateways.