Miguel Long

Trap Door credits

  • Bowie in Warsaw (Chicago, New York)
  • Medea Material
  • And Away We Stared
  • Decomposed Theatre, Episode 5
  • Monsieur D’eon is a Woman 
  • The Old Woman Broods
  • The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey (assistant director)
  • Childhood Beauty (assistant director)
  • Lipstick Lobotomy (assistant director)
  • Bowie in Warsaw
  • Joan and the Fire
  • The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey
  • Childhood Beauty
  • The White Plague
  • Lipstick Lobotomy

Resident Choreographer

Ensemble member Miguel Long (he/him/his) has been a member of the Trap Door community since 2018. He is a Chicago native artist and designer. He received a BA from Northeastern Illinois University, with a CMT (communication, media, theater) degree.