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Opening this week!

A NEW play, hosted by Trap Door

And proudly presented by

Fraud and Phony Theatricals:




Written by: Elizabeth Archer

Directed by: Melanie Keller


 Preview: Thursday, July 28 

Opens: Friday, July 29th 

Running through August 13th

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00PM.


Due to the onset of preeclampsia, eight-months pregnant neurosurgeon May Evans has been placed on bed rest and ordered to “do less”…forcing her husband Sam, a popular online journalist, to try and keep her from sneaking off to make calls to her staff. But as May’s condition worsens, she begins receiving disturbing anonymous emails about Sam and his “online activities,” which he claims are linked to his controversial articles and research methods. As the truth behind the emails is revealed, Sam and May are plunged into a nightmarish world of online vigilantism,  articulate fetuses and legal drama.


Maggie Scrantom, Drew Shirley, Maggie Cain, Alex Nolen, Mia Vivens, Dennis Frymire

 Scenic Design - Shaun Renfro

Lighting Design - Lane Flores

Costume Design - Carla Hamilton McDowell

Sound Design - Anthony Ingram

Stage Manager - Colleen Layton

Graphic Design - Shawn Bowers


 For more information about Fraud and Phony, visit webpage and buy tickets at http://fraudandphony.com

or by clicking  www.brownpapertickets.com 



Coming up !

Next Season 2016-2017,

Trap Door Theatre presents:

Daydream Cleavage

(Working title)

Written by: Ruth Margraff

Directed by: Kate Hendrickson

Original work inspired by the television show Fantasy Island.

Opening: Sept 29th Running through Nov. 5th.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00PM.








to see this absolute




(Script/Title in work/subject to change)

and other great productions to follow 

only at


 The same collaboration between

playwright Ruth Margraff and

resident Trap Door director

Kate Hendrickson,

 that brought the amazing production



May 24–  June 30, 2012 (photo right)

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 How to Explain The History of Communism to Mental Patients

(REHEARSAL PROCESS) -Video by David Holcombe



Trap Door continues its long held tradition of presenting mature, challenging political theatre for discerning audiences.

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European Tour 2017

The Trap Door Theatre is embarking on their 5th Annual Tour to Romania and Hungary and we need your help to get us there!
Trap Door Theatre’s production of How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients directed by Hungarian guest director Zoltan Balazs has been invited to play at The Maladype Theatre in Budapest, Hungary and several cities in Romania including the prestigious International Theatre Festival of Sibiu.
The Trap Door ensemble has officially launched their Rock it to Romania fundraising campaign for 10 ensemble members to go overseas and experience Eastern-European culture first hand! Accommodations, transportation between cities, and per diem have been accounted for while in Hungary and Romania for a month. Trap Door is only responsible for providing airfare for 10 company members to go overseas. Therefore we need your help to get us there!


There are many ways you can help!
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    • -Donate $25 in the lobby after the show and receive a postcard from Europe signed by the Trap Door team.
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    • -Attend our show in Romania
The Trap Door ensemble needs to raise at least a minimum of $10,000 towards airfare for 10 artists. Words cannot express the appreciation our company has for any amount of support you can give to this cause. We are a 501©3 not-for-profit company and any contribution you give is tax deductible.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration of our request.

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 Time Out Chicago

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 Trap Door Productions presents its first


Congratulations Jeff Awards Nominees: Marzena Bukowska,
Simina Contras
and Danny Rockett

Trap Door welcomes
Associate Ensemble members:
Denis Bisto
Abby Blankenship
Nate Cheeseman
Daniel Chenard
Bill Gordon
Henry Greenberg
Logan Hulick
Emily Nichelson
Benjamin Ponce
Kelsey Shipley


Congratulations to our amazing Danny Rockett for recent Joseph Jefferson Award - Original Music in a Play for "How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients"
Time Out Chicago recognizes Trap Door as one of the best storefront theatres in the city!

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